Seven Layered Brownies

Today,  I am giving you a recipe for the ULTILMATE brownie.  My own SEVEN LAYERED BROWNIE recipe. It starts with a toffee graham cracker crust, followed by a rich chocolate brownie layer, then a cheesecake layer. The fourth layer is a...
Rapsberry Creme Layered Fudge Cake_side

Raspberry Creme Layered Fudge Cake

The end of summer means loads of raspberries from the garden.  Aside from preserving the berries in jams and jellies, making this raspberry cream layered fudge cake is how you want to enjoy about 5 cups of those delectable berries. Please follow and...
chocolate chip cookie dough brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

We have a tradition in our family…when Dad makes his wonderful chocolate chip cookies, he is required to save some of the dough for the family to eat.  This has become such a resolute tradition that we sometimes give chocolate...
strawberry cream layered Cake

Strawberry Cream Layered Cake

Strawberries and cream…the best of friends, and nothing is more delectable than layering them on some pound cake.  To me,  strawberry desserts are delightful reminders of Spring, outdoor barbeques and family gatherings.   Please follow and like us:
Brownie Trifle

Black and White Brownie Trifle

I guess you could call this trifle recipe a most luscious version of “That Special Dessert” recipe I posted here.  If you make brownies in bulk like I do, you already have the most important ingredient of the trifle (bulk...
carrot ckae with orange

Carrot Cake (with a touch of orange)

  There must be millions of great carrot cake recipes dancing around the internet today.  Everyone seems to love this moist, mildly spiced cake, and I don’t think there is anything that tastes better with a good cream cheese frosting...
Chocolate layered dessert

That “Special” Chocolate Dessert

Good day, my friends, This chocolate and cream cheese layered dessert is one of our family’s favorite. There are many names and versions of this layered dessert, but this recipe is a bit different, every layer is made from scratch so it...
lasagna meal

It’s All About the Layers Lasagna

I love lasagna.  I was lucky enough to marry a man who loves it more than I do.  Throughout our married years we have experimented with many types of lasagna recipes. Most of them are good, but we wanted to find the...

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