Seven Layered Brownies

Today,  I am giving you a recipe for the ULTILMATE brownie.  My own SEVEN LAYERED BROWNIE recipe. It starts with a toffee graham cracker crust, followed by a rich chocolate brownie layer, then a cheesecake layer. The fourth layer is a...
Rapsberry Creme Layered Fudge Cake_side

Raspberry Creme Layered Fudge Cake

The end of summer means loads of raspberries from the garden.  Aside from preserving the berries in jams and jellies, making this raspberry cream layered fudge cake is how you want to enjoy about 5 cups of those delectable berries. Please follow and...
Fudge Cake

Chocolate Chip Lover’s Fudge Cake

I love cake…There is nothing more delightful that a delectable, moist and fudgy chocolate cake.  Often, and especially after a good meal, I look at my husband and say “this is the perfect time for a slice of fudge cake.”  There...
OTW chocolate frosting

Out of this World Chocolate Frosting

Sometimes you just need to indulge and reward yourself with a slice of a scrumptious chocolate cake with heavenly chocolate frosting.  It’s too much for the senses to ignore.  Your recipe for the perfect chocolate cake is coming in another post, but here is your recipe for...
Coconut and Oat Granola

Coconut and Oat Granola

Are you a cereal lover like me and my children?  Then you, no doubt, look forward to having a good bowl of granola.  To me, homemade granola is comfort food and reminds me to slow down and enjoy eating something much better for me...
chocolate chip cookie dough brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

We have a tradition in our family…when Dad makes his wonderful chocolate chip cookies, he is required to save some of the dough for the family to eat.  This has become such a resolute tradition that we sometimes give chocolate...
Krispy Peanut Butter Bownies

Krispy Peanut Butter Brownies

Who can eat just one peanut?  They are the annoyance who keeps calling you back for more, and won’t let you go until there are none left to eat.  However, when  combined with chocolate, the whole world comes into focus and you...
strawberry cream layered Cake

Strawberry Cream Layered Cake

Strawberries and cream…the best of friends, and nothing is more delectable than layering them on some pound cake.  To me,  strawberry desserts are delightful reminders of Spring, outdoor barbeques and family gatherings.   Please follow and like us:
Brownie Trifle

Black and White Brownie Trifle

I guess you could call this trifle recipe a most luscious version of “That Special Dessert” recipe I posted here.  If you make brownies in bulk like I do, you already have the most important ingredient of the trifle (bulk...

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