Easy Felt Leaf and Bead Vine

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I made some felt Valentine’s Day hearts and glued them to wooden stands for a simple holiday décor. For years, they stood untouched and laid at the bottom of the Valentine’s Day decoration box. This year, I’m on task finding bits and pieces to use updating these 20+ years of “not-very-cute” Valentine decorations. The hearts are easy enough to make, sew and adorn, but something else is needed.  With me, the something needful is always “green”, and easy comes with using felt. Here is a very easy way to add attractive greenery to any type of holiday décor…a felt leaf and bead vine.


Materials: 1 sheet of green felt, 2″ leaf pattern (I just measured and cut my own), scissors, thin gage wire (24 – 26 gage is good), wire cutters, 4 beads (your choice), green floral tape, pliers, wide-eye needle with a sharp point, a round pencil, green thread or green embroidery thread.

Start by gathering all your materials.

Start: Gather all materials and find, or make a shape for your leaf. I find that a 2″ long leaf is the right size for my vine. Take care to plan ahead and know how long you want your vine to be. I am giving instructions for a 18″ vine to wrap around a 4 1/2″ piece of dowel. For my 18″ wire, I cut 6 felt set of leaves and plan for 4 tendrils. Note: the top 4-6″ of your vine is curled as tendrils.

Step 1 – Cut out your leaves from the felt. Each leaf has a front and back.  For an 18″ vine I use 6 sets of leaves, so I cut out 12 leaves. Sew or hand-embroider each leaf around the edges and down the middle.

A leaf cut and a leaf sewn.

Step 2 – Thread a needle with a 24-gage piece of wire. Carefully thread the needle and wire in between the layers of the felt leaf as shown in the diagram below. Start at the bottom of the felt leaf and the thread the needle and wire from the top of the felt leaf to the bottom. Wire all your leaves this way.

Thread the wire through the leaf from the bottom to the top and then back down through the leaf again.

All the leaves are wired

Step 4 – Set the leaves aside and snip 4 pieces of the wire between 6″ and 8″ long. Take a bead and thread through the wire about 1″ from the top. Fold the wire over the bead and twist the wire so it holds the bead in place. Using floral tape, tape all the 4 pieces of wire. Wrap wire and bead around pencil. Tendril made.

Place bead on wire, tape and wrap around round pencil

Step 5 – Grab a long piece of wire and start taping at the top. Leave 4-6″ for the tendril then begin adding a leaf or two. Tape another 2″ down and add a tendril. Continue this pattern using  all leaves and tendrils. BE WARE! Don’t space further than two inches or the vine will have too many holes and large spaces.

Here’s what your vine looks like after all the leaves and tendrils are taped on

The finished product! Because everything is wired, feel free to shape the vine however you please.

Step 6 – Start decorating!!!

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